A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Independent Living Community

There are thousands of Independent Living communities in the United States where many thousands of senior residents live happily. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to agree to move into the first community you encounter.

A great deal of research can be required before choosing the right Independent Living community for your needs. Take these steps to potentially improve your chances of finding ‘the one:’

Step 1: Think About Your Wants and Needs

We all have a preferred way of living. Some of us want to maintain our independence, but we also wish to access a range of convenient services and amenities. Many older adults also require basic daily assistance but primarily want to care for themselves.

When the time comes to evaluate your living situation, think about your current lifestyle, personal preferences, and health needs. When you know what you want, choosing a community that offers those things can sometimes be more straightforward.

Step 2: Research Options

After thinking about what’s more important to you when considering an Independent Living community, you can now start researching your options. Talk to family members, friends, and healthcare professionals and ask for recommendations. You can also refer to websites and directories that provide lists of communities in your preferred areas.

It can be much easier to narrow down your list of options when you know the type of life you want to lead in an Independent Living community.

Step 3: Schedule Tours

Most reputable Independent Living communities want future residents to make well-informed decisions. As a result, they provide scheduled tours. You can contact a community directly and select a time and day to visit.

These tours give you an opportunity to ask questions, view available apartments, and see shared spaces. You can gain a great understanding of what to expect if you decide to call a specific community your new home.

Step 4: Meet Staff and Residents

You can learn a lot about senior living communities by knowing who lives there and who provides services there. That’s why meeting staff and residents can be a valuable step on your journey to choosing the best Independent Living community for your needs.

Where possible, see if you can talk to members of the management team, activity coordinators, and caregivers or care associates. It can sometimes be appropriate for you to engage with residents to see whether they love where they live and would recommend the community to others.

Step 5: Learn More About Services and Amenities

All senior living communities are different, meaning their service and amenity offerings can also differ. Learn more about these before making your decision.

Most well-regarded communities provide housekeeping, maintenance services, utilities, and scheduled transportation. You can also often expect freshly prepared meals, activities, and communal spaces. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions so you can learn what to expect before moving in.

Step 6: Ask About Fees and Pricing

Just as you would ask how much a piece of clothing in a retail store costs before buying it, you can ask how much it will cost to live in an Independent Living community. Pricing structures can differ for each community depending on the level of service and care they provide.

Schedule a Tour of Heritage Place Independent Living

Choosing the right Independent Living community for your needs isn’t always easy. Still, you can feel confident calling Heritage Place Independent Living your new home. Schedule a tour of our vibrant senior living community today to learn more about what to expect when the time comes to move in.  

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