Wholesome Meals to Look Forward To

We care about our residents’ health and well-being, which is why we prioritize nutritious and wholesome meals every day. Our residents can always look forward to healthy, delicious, and visually appealing meals.

On-Site Culinary Team

We want our residents to look forward to dining in our senior living community. That starts with our culinary team. Our passionate cooks care about producing healthy, wholesome, and delicious dishes every day. They also go the extra mile to ensure our menus are always exciting.

Do you have specific dietary requirements? Contact us to learn how we can meet them.

Food That Tastes Like Home

While our culinary team is always brainstorming unique menu ideas to tantalize our residents’ taste buds, we also love getting our residents involved in the process!

If our residents want to enjoy something specific, such as a cherished family recipe for a sauce, salad, or soup, we encourage them to share it with us! We love preparing our residents’ favorite food that tastes like home.

Whether it’s something classic, contemporary, gourmet, or hearty, we do our best to ensure our residents can enjoy the nostalgia they’re looking for.

Dining Options to Suit All


Our Independent Living community is all about independence. That means our residents have the freedom to choose what meal times look like for them. Most residents prefer to dine with us in our shared dining spaces. After all, we provide delicious, restaurant-quality meals every day!

However, they are also free to dine out in Burleson, enjoy meals with their loved ones, or even prepare snacks in their apartment kitchenettes. You can always choose what you feel like!

Always Something New to Enjoy

While our residents will always have their favorites at meal times, they can also expect new and exciting food! We love trying new things and treating our residents to dishes they might have never had before. We always go above and beyond to ensure our dishes suit our residents’ unique tastes and preferences.

Regular Meal Schedule

Our residents lead busy lives. We want to ensure they never miss meal times by always keeping them at the same time every day. The more consistent we are, the easier it is for our residents to plan their days around breakfast, lunch, and dinner.







Making Meal Times Social

Meal times in our community are about more than eating delicious food lovingly prepared by our onsite culinary team. We also make them social occasions! We always encourage our residents to sit, relax, chat, and have fun with their friends.

Our meal times are also an excellent opportunity to make new friends! We love watching new friendships blossom over delicious food.

Restaurant-Style Dining

Our residents don’t have to venture into Burleson, Texas, to enjoy restaurant-quality food in a restaurant-style setting. They can stay right here at Heritage Place Independent Living! We pride ourselves on offering our residents an authentic restaurant-style dining experience every day.

Our shared dining space replicates a traditional dining room, while our culinary team handles table service and the washing up.

Learn More About Meal Times at Heritage Place Independent Living

Are you ready to enjoy delicious and nutritious meals every day in a senior living community? Schedule a tour of Heritage Place Independent Living today. You can learn more about how we ensure our residents’ nutritional needs are met and what makes meal times extra special in our community.